Power Service Building Blocks

PowergridM from AJ’s Power Source is comprised of a set of modular
common power components that can be configured and re-configured.

Modular Power Service Building Blocks Utilizes the Latest Advancements in Power Management Technologies

PowergridM from AJ’s Power Source is comprised of a set of modular common power components that can be configured and re-configured to meet the requirements of nearly any mobile, deployable, or harsh environment applications.

Custom power solutions that meet the requirements for any military application.

The PowergridM design utilizes the latest advancements in power management technologies to dramatically enhance the operational flexibility and performance of deployed systems.

Enhanced Flexibility to Address a Wide Variety of Dynamically Changing Deployable System Requirements.

As a modular system of common power components, the PowergridM building blocks provide system designers and users a unique set of advanced technology tools to create power service and management systems specifically tailored to the needs of their deployable systems and applications. This modular approach allows various AC, DC, and Energy Storage components to be intermixed and integrated into a Integrated Power Management System (IPMS) providing a full set of power management services tuned to the users unique system requirements. The PowergridM modular design supports the tailoring of a wide variety of power design criteria to include Input and Output power variants, AC and DC load parameters, a variety of power distribution techniques, energy storage and hold time specifics, Class/Un-class Information Assurance considerations, resilient or redundant operational availability needs, and planned and un-planned system expansion and growth.

Deployable Systems Designs Typically Experience Design Changes and Upgrades During Both the Design and Fielding Stages as Technology Upgrades and System Expansion Requirements are Encountered.

Often these upgrade and expansion changes require re-design of the supporting power systems to accommodate the shift in requirements typically requiring replacement of the initial power equipments. Our modular design allows design engineers or users to simply add or remove modular components to adjust the existing power services to meet these new requirements. This modular Plug-&-Play capability allows our power management systems to be quickly configured or re-configured at will to meet a wide variety of applications and power service requirements.

PowergridM has developed the best UPS technology on the market, providing custom power solutions that meet the requirements for any military application.

PowergridM Modular Power Service Building Blocks design represents the first significant technical advancement in UPS technology in over 20 years. COTS Uninterruptible Power Supplies built for Tactical, Harsh Military and Industrial Environments. To learn more about our PowergridM Features Center please Contact us online or call our experienced Representatives across the United States, we will be glad to help you on your custom power requirements.

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PowergridM UPS systems with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries have successfully passed US Navy safety testing.