Cold PakTM Battery Design

PowergridM uses advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries
reducing the overall weight and providing significant advancements in technology.

Advanced Battery Technology

On full rapid discharge the batteries exhibit less than 10oC rise over ambient air temperature compared to the average 50oC+ rise of lead acid and other Lithium chemistries. PowergridM battery modules represent a 5:1 reduction in size and weight over standard UPS batteries.

PowergridM proprietary LiFePO4 Cold PakTM design , significantly reducing the heat load and overall weight, providing significant advancements in efficiency, reliability, safety, and operational life.

Shelf life is estimated at 10-20 years (charged or un-charged) compared to 6 months to 2 years maximum (uncharged) for standard batteries. PowergridM batteries pack are hot swappable and are rated conservatively for over 2,500 charge/re-charge cycles with minor degradation in chemistry. The PowergridM battery packs exhibit a very high level of thermal and chemical stability eliminating the potential for ignition or thermal runaway, decomposition at high temperatures, and caustic or hazardous material concerns.

Advantages of using our advanced PowergridM Cold PakTM Battery Design:


PowergridM Light Battery Design, high power density and significant reduction in weight (5×1 reductions over Lead Acid).


Long life cycle with no memory fade (2,500 plus charge/re-charge cycles compared to an average of 250 – 300 cycles for lead acid / 600 for other Lithiums). Our low resistance Cold PakTM Design requires less energy and time to fully charge than typical batteries.


Our Cold PakTM Battery Design exhibits less than 10oC rise over ambient on discharge compared to average of 50oC for all others.


Thermal and chemical stability means no ignition or thermal runaway, no decomposition at high temperatures, and no caustic or hazardous material concerns. Battery design is internally fused with redundant charge management circuits.


Very constant discharge voltage means longer hold times, fewer batteries, and less loss due to voltage regulation.


Exceedingly long shelf life (10 to 20 years) with or without charging means units can sit in garrison for long periods and remain ready for deployment. SLA batteries must remain charged at all times, including storage and transport.

PowergridM has developed the best UPS battery design on the market with exceedingly long shelf life from 10 to 20 years.

Because we understand that the battery cycle life is very important for our customers, we have developed a unique Cold PakTM Design reducing the overall heat load and weight and providing significant advancements in efficiency and operational life. Contact us online to learn more about the PowergridM Features Center, or call us today at 813-996-2583 to talk to our experienced representatives.