Load Balancing Capability

PowergridM has developed the First Load Balancing Interconnect
allowing multiple military UPS system to communicate as a single unit.

Integrated Load Balancing Interconnect Allows Multiple UPS Systems to Communicate and Function as a Single Unit

The process of integrated stacking is accomplished via a special Load Balancing Interconnect (LBI) power communications bus structure that provides an integrated power communications bus between internal inverters within attached UPS units that can be extended in a daisy chain configuration to multiple UPS systems allowing connected and stacked systems to communicate and function as a single unit.

Load Balancing Interconnect Allows Full Synchronization of Their Individual AC Outputs.

The LBI allows the internal inverters to communicate to perform full synchronization of their individual AC outputs, manage harmonic distortion, and perform load balancing of the operational load.

Multi-Unit Stacking Capability With Load Balancing Circuitry.

The LBI interconnects the inverters in each unit allowing them to work together to provide a fully meshed, load balanced and uninterruptible PowergridM power service for the attached systems. Each attached UPS will provide its share of the demanded power while ensuring frequency and power synchronization with its attached neighbors. To ensure a high level of resiliency, the LBI is designed as a unit independent passive bus system without the use of common Master/Slave signaling. This independent passive bus design ensures that a single UPS failure will not effect other attached UPS units allowing the stack configuration to continue to provide resilient power services regardless of failure mode.

The Load Balancing Interconnect (LBI) design allows up to five PG800 units, five PG1000 units, 10 PG1500 units, or 4 PG3000 units to be stacked and interlinked to provide from 800 to 12,000 watts integrated stacked solutions for deployed and mobile applications.

Individual PowergridM Standalone UPS units can be interconnected using the LBI cabling whereas the LBI connections for a BackPlane based system are integrated into the BackPlane structure connecting each UPS to the stack. Utilizing the PG1500 UPS, multiple BackPlanes can be further connected with the Multi-System Synchronization Interconnect to extend the LBI between BackPlane systems allowing two BackPlanes to maintain full synchronization.

PowergridM Product Line provide a much more efficient and effective approach – replacing the old load balancers with new Load Balancing Interconnect (LBI) design, not only provide core load-balancing capabilities, but also deliver the highest levels of security and performance for today’s business.

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