Auto Sensing Auto Switching

This PowergridM Special Feature provides the user with a level
of power resiliency that exists in no other ruggedized UPS.

PowergridM is Equipped With “Auto-Sensing” and “Auto-Switching” Circuits

When the AC source comes back on line, the PowergridM UPS automatically switches back to the AC source. Each power transition is alarm reported to the operator via SNMP or HTML interface.

If a PowergridM UPS Senses That the AC Feed is Starting to Fail, it Automatically Recognizes the DC Input Connection and Switches Over to the DC Source Without Going to Batteries or Disrupting Output Power.

Both batteries and UPS units can be replaced without interruption or powering down the system. This feature provides the user with a level of power resiliency.

The Auto-Sensing / Auto Switching Capability Allows a PowergridM UPS to be Connected to Both AC and DC Services at the Same Time

PowergridM is the only UPS on the market today that provides automated Power-Of-Choice to a deployed user and offers that user the capability to derive the needed power from both AC (shore or Generator) and DC sources (vehicle) at the same time. This capability allows the user to provide power redundancy for his deployed system so that if the AC power source should fail, the attached system will not miss a beat if a DC vehicle connection is attached. If AC power is simply not available, PowergridM’s MIL 1275 compliant DC Input can be used to fully power the system including the charging of internal batteries.

Power-Of-Choice Function With Auto-Sensing / Auto-Switching

The Auto-Sensing/ Auto Switching function assumes that AC is the primary power source such that when connected to both AC and DC power, if the AC power should start to drop or exceed the 100-264VAC voltage range, the PowergridM UPS will sense the out of bounds condition (auto-sense), sense if DC is present on the DC Input, and automatically switch (auto-switch) to the DC source. The entire process takes less than 20msec and the attached equipment will be unaffected given the reserve capacitive power within the system. Upon switching, the UPS will generate an SNMP power status message and activate the auditable alarm (if connected) notifying the operator that AC power has been lost. If no DC voltage is present, the UPS will go to batteries again generating SNMP status messages and alarm. When switched to DC input, the AC power is restored, the UPS will sense the return of AC and when within its bounds, will automatically switch back to the AC input source and send out a SNMP message notifying the operator of restoral of power.

This feature provides the user with a level of power resiliency that exists in no other ruggedized UPS on the market. Call us today! (813) 996-2583.

PowergridM Product Line is equipped with “auto-sensing” and “auto-switching” circuits, for further information about the PowergridM Special Features, please Contact us online or call our main office, our experienced Representatives will be glad to help you on your custom power requirements.