PowergridM Accessories

From Filter Kits, UPS Weather Proofing to Gasket Kits, our
accessories can support any PowergridM military UPS product need.

PowergridM Accessories Enhance and Simplify Your UPS Products

From Filter Kits, UPS weather proofing to Gasket Kits, Our Accessories
Can Support Any PowergridM UPS Product Line.

PowergridM Accessories are designed for tactical, harsh Military and Industrial environments, providing high efficiency and rugged packaging with the latest
technology. It is designed and manufactured in AJ’s Power Source Inc. Florida, USA facilities to comply with a wide range of military standards.
These accessories can customize your solution to increase availability, adaptability, serviceability, manageability and performance.

PowergridM Accessories Advantage

These Accessories Can Customize Your Solution to Increase Availability, Adaptability, Serviceability, Manageability and Performance.

The PowergridM Accessories provide significant advantages when applying effective power management solutions to a wide variety of harsh environment, deployable, and mobile applications.

We have developed our Emi Filter Kit for PowergridM UPS rear air intake and exhaust ports, as well as our UPS Weather Proofing technology designed for extreme environments and blowing rain.

At AJ’s Power Source Inc. We have created our accessories line to customize their power requirements.

If you have any questions or for further information about our PowergridM Accessories, please do not hesitate to call our office today! (813) 996-2583. For custom accessories, be sure to Contact us to discuss your configuration needs.

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